A personalised coaching experience designed to prepare your mind, body and spirit for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We specifically focus on banishing stress, anxiety and fear and teach you how to trust your body, follow your instincts, activate and elevate your own natural pain relievers to create a calm, relaxed, empowered, birth and mothering experience.

  • During pregnancy, you will be more comfortable, sleep better, have less anxiety and more confidence so you can relax and enjoy your pregnancy feeling strong, informed and prepared. 

  • You will become more attuned with your partner and your roles and responsibilities together will become clear, focused and defined so each person feels informed, supported, calm, relaxed and prepared for the transformation to come.  

  • For your birth, you will be able to eliminate fear, reduce pain, build confidence and control, have a calm relaxed labour, a faster delivery, a reduced chance of episiotomy or being cut and a significantly lower chance of developing postpartum depression following your birth

The FEARLESS BIRTH PROGRAM is kind, compassionate, holistic and tailored to you as an individual. We practice "whole" person care that empowers you to make informed decisions about how, where and with whom, to birth your baby. By providing wisdom, knowledge, support and a listening ear, you are able to approach motherhood feeling strong, confident, relaxed and empowered, so regardless of any twists and turns that may occur along the way, you are prepared for a triumphant transition into motherhood. 

The Mothers' Mentor was created to enable women to banish fear and have the most, positive, empowering, fulfilling birth and mothering experience of their lives.


"Hi, I'm Jan, mother, grandmother, midwife, coach, creator and director of 

THE MOTHERS' MENTOR, or as I like to call it, TMM."


Here at TMM, we are passionately enthusiastic about providing women and couples with the tools necessary to fully prepare for pregnancy and birth, enabling you to banish all the anxiety, stress and fear that can surround childbirth. We promise that regardless of the type of birth you have, you can experience your birth fearlessly, as one of the most fulfilling, empowering and joyous events in your life. This amazing opportunity is offered via our signature programme.



*The Fearless Birth Programme*


Essential oils can help you relax, de-stress, relieve anxiety, restore calm and make you feel happy and uplifted.

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Guiding women worldwide to an enjoyable pregnancy, a calm, fearless birth & a confident transition to motherhood 


Throughout your journey to motherhood, Coach Jan will provide you with support  guidance and inspiration  during unhurried,  relaxed, convenient visits to ensure you feel safe, confident, informed and empowered to make choices that facilitate your personal vision for a natural, joyous, fulfilling and healthy start to life as a new mother. 

A total of 12 x 1 hour flexible virtual visits.

Essentials of healthy living and how to give birth actively and safely. Coach Jan provides you with personal, holistic, midwifery guidance and support, which is vital if you're finding your provider(s) are too hurried and impersonal. This is particularly helpful if your previous birth did not go as you had planned.

A 6 hour flexible virtual visits 

You have arrived in your 3rd trimester and you are nervous,  bewildered, and filled with endless scary questions. "How on earth will I cope?" Coach Jan will share her extensive midwifery knowledge, give words of wisdom and answer your questions, to alleviate your fears, restore calm and prepare you for life with a newborn baby.

A 3 hour intensive virtual visit. 


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Kind Words

Having Jan present at the birth of our daughter was just truly wonderful! The support, love and compassion she gave us as a family at a time that was quite scary was just incredible! We can't ever thank you enough for helping us bring our daughter into the world the way you did and giving us the most precious memories of that special day, all our love and thanks. xx

Hollie & Mitch

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